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Are you looking for a great idea or some inspiration to start a new venture or to help you grow your existing business? This title contains 81 great business ideas, extracted from the world’s best companies.

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Includes 81 Best Business Ideas takes a look back at the business world over the past 50 years. The most important business ideas of the last 50 years. The world has changed more in the last 50 years than in any previous half century in history. Entire industries have been created or transformed by new business ideas and the way we all work is utterly different today from how it was 50 years ago. Game-changing products invented during this period include the pocket calculator, personal computer, email, payment systems and GPS. All dominate our working lives today yet, hard as it is to believe, these did not exist 50 years ago. Who came up with these ideas and how? This fascinating book tells the stories of the products, the people and the companies behind these amazing business ideas. It is as entertaining as any novel and will inspire anyone striving to bring their own new idea to market today.

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