What kind of a training program do you need to become a trainer?

When you are unwell, you shall visit a doctor, right? But for an eye problem will you go to an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) or a general physician? Similarly, if you want to learn English will you visit a Math teacher? Of course not. Thus, in normal day-to-day life when we find clarity about our problems we are able to make sound decisions. At this point I am sure you have gained clarity about the need of a trainer through my previous posts. This one is therefore projected to help you become a trainer yourself, i.e., the expert in your field who stands out amongst the rest. Hence, what kind of a training program should you be attending in order to become a trainer yourself?

  1. Been There, Done That – Imagine you are hitchhiking – will you be able to ask the way to your destination to someone who himself is lost? This basically means that whenever you are lost in life too you shall need the advice or guidance of someone who is already an expert himself. Colloquially speaking, you need to look for someone who has “been there, done that.” A training program should be such which presents to you someone who is an expert himself such that he can conduct sessions to make sure you become as able as him (if not less).
  1. Completes You – You should feel like you are constantly receiving new information, without which the whole purpose is defeated. A training program is supposed to complete you, i.e., give you inputs that you were incapable of finding out about on your own. If you are able to achieve everything on your own then what is the point of a training program? This also means that the training program should help you to rectify your previous mistakes (if any) to make you more capable of handling the world outside.
  1. Instils Confidence – A training program should be able to give you the confidence of facing an audience. No matter what your field is, at some point or another you shall have to face a group of people together. However, if not an audience, I am sure you will have to build your interpersonal skills greatly in order to manage people. The one trick which is extremely useful in order to manage people is to make them feel like they can rely upon you. This is why you will have to build a certain level of self-confidence such that you can show everyone your capabilities of facing different challenges, and how they can trust you.
  1. Beyond Your Fears – An ideal training program should be designed to help you overcome your fears. The word fear itself should be fearful to enter your mind. This is the easiest measure to help you define whether you are on the right track. Even after attending a training program if you feel like you are not giving your 100% because you’re “afraid” then it is easily a red flag. Don’t get me wrong, nervous excitement is different than fear. Here, by fear I mean the genuine scare of not being able to live up to your own or others’ expectations.
  1. Charismatic Personality Development – No one wants to follow someone who is dull and lifeless. For you to be able to attract a crowd and build a goodwill of your own you shall need a charismatic personality. Something that others aspire to have. A training program should help you build that charismatic personality – someone who can keep his cool in hostile situation, who can be a leader in times of crisis, who can handle a group of people at once, who can avert arguments, who can find a middle ground in disagreements etc. Someone who is a pleasure to be around and who others look up to. 
  1. Contribution – Most training programs are only interested in financially hoarding their customers. But a successful program is one which makes you realize that you are doing a service to mankind by following your passion and that is where your focus should ultimately be. A training program should humanize you and make you realize that your ultimate purpose is to help people in need and not just make money. It is to contribute to the society around you. That is when you shall feel the urgency and the need of your talents in this world.


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