Need of a trainer

There is no denying the fact that no matter where we are or what we do, we are in some way or another dependent on a third person or thing. And I don’t mean it negatively. All I want to point out is the fact that life, and that too a great life, cannot be created without reliance. Go back to your childhood and think of all your important accomplishments. Could you have stood first in class without the help of your teachers? Could you have bought your first car without the sincerity of your employees who worked day and night for YOU? Heck, we are even reliant on oxygen to keep us alive. The point is that all of us need a coach or an expert in a particular field who can help us become the next coach or expert! Without such training it becomes extremely difficult to achieve the BIG things in life. On our own we are hugely limited. So let’s dig deeper:-

  1. Knowledge – If you want to become an expert at something, you shall have to KNOW everything about the subject inside-out. Let’s take an example – if you plan to go to London but are quite unaware or not exactly familiar with the procedures therein, whom will you consult? Someone who’s already been to London right? Similarly, it is of utmost importance that we look for knowledge in someone who is an expert through experience and not through bookish data or information. The experience part is extremely essential. If you don’t choose such an experienced source, the person shall be able to give you only the limited data he has. Consequentially, you shall not be able to apply that information in real life situations.


  1. To understand your flaws – Typical “trainers” try to help you by only constantly appreciating you, by stressing upon your strengths. I am not saying that it is wrong, but if someone is incessantly only pointing at your strong personality traits, then he is not helping you realize your full potential. A true trainer is someone who can tell you about your weaknesses. Who can point out where you are going wrong. To give you a deeper understanding of your problems and issues so that you can truly overcome them. That is when you can genuinely become a more confident person, thus giving you an edge over others.


  1. Perspective – When we venture into learning something new, somehow – knowingly or unknowingly – we get caught up in our preconceived notions. An expert trainer helps you look beyond your limited point of view to give you a newer perspective. That’s when you truly broaden your horizons. It is then that you are truly able to gather a new experience to learn from. Hence, if you venture out alone, you may end up frustrated, limited and lacking a certain edge and X-factor because you shall have only limited exposure to the realities of the world.


  1. Comfort Zone – An expert, more often than not, voluntarily puts you in a position where you may feel really uncomfortable, i.e., he shall make you go beyond your comfort zone. It may feel extremely wrong or even embarrassing at first, but it is how you can grow beyond what you already know! When you are by yourself, you may not take the effort of consciously putting yourself in circumstances which are beyond your comfort or control. This is exactly when the need for a trainer comes in.


  1. Correct Approach – Sometimes a trainer makes us do things that we already are seemingly an expert at. When we witness this we become extremely defensive. But what we fail to understand is that a true trainer will make you do the SAME THINGS DIFFERENTLY – and that makes all the difference in the world! This difference is the correct approach of handling unexpected problems, and this correct approach can only be garnered from a trainer!


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