Should training be free or paid?

What is Training? It is that stage of learning which not only provides knowledge but also builds an overall environment for its application in real time. Thus, it allows one to not only be well-equipped as an expert in his/her field but also gives one a competitive edge over others. In this respect, one of the most common questions that most people come across is that if training is such a noble deed – should it be free of charge or paid? Let’s delve into this a little deeper:-

  1. Value – What happens when you keep pampering your child over and over again by giving him everything that he asks for? In the future he shall become entitled to having the best of everything without feeling the need to work for it. Basically, he doesn’t understand the true worth of the money that his parents have given their blood and sweat for and saved up entirely for him. Similarly, when it comes to something as valuable as training, expecting that it shall be given to you free is like expecting that you shall be able to turn your life around without any hard-work, i.e., you shall lose value for it.


  1. Best Things – The best things in life are not free. Take water for example. Today water does not come free either. You have to pay for drinking water too. Similarly, draw a comparison between shopping at street-side and at a branded store. The branded store charges greater but does it give you a better product in comparison or not? The clothes you buy from a branded store will last longer, offer better quality and will surely make you look different in comparison to everyone else. And who doesn’t want to be different? Similarly, if you want to be the best do you think it shall come without any cost? If it does, will it make you the best from the rest?


  1. Result – I am sure many of you who are reading this have visited both a single-screen and a multiplex for watching movies. If you have then there should be no doubt in your mind so as to why a multiplex charges higher than a single-screen. Because the audiences derive completely polar-opposite results from it. What does this signify? In order to derive better results you need to pay more too. Which is why within the same multiplex better seats have a higher price. For example, if they didn’t have a higher price would you understand why a movie-watching experience is elated at that particular seat?


  1. Change – Unfortunately in the world that we are living in today, change is only consequential if it is can be measurable in monetary terms. For example, us Indians never spit or litter when we go abroad. Why? Because the rules abroad are very strict and fines are very heavily levied on the miscreants. But as soon as we come back to India, we spit and litter freely! Because it is FREE! Imagine if from tomorrow our government decides to charge a heavy amount as fine for littering around, India will become the cleanest country ever to have existed! The point to explain this is that until and unless we pay a certain price we don’t understand the importance of a positive change in our lives!


  1. Quality – In consumer theory, many people believe that you get a better product if you pay a higher price for it. Which is not entirely wrong. Take your favourite actors for example. A film producer will pay a higher price to sign Salman Khan in comparison to newer actors because they know his reliability of making a film super-hit. It is only when we pay do we realize the quality of what we shall be receiving in return.


Thus, in order to sum it up:-

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