All of us want to gain a competitive edge in this harsh world, but none of us know the correct path to it. This is why this post shall be able to help you understand about the difference between merely getting information vs. learning vs. properly training.

  1. GETTING INFORMATION – Remember how during school/college people indulge themselves into gaining resourceful information about their future career-course? For example, an aspiring Chartered Accountancy (CA) student shall determine the levels of examinations that he shall have to successfully pass in order to not only become a CA but also get the job he desires. The in-depth research that goes into finding the right course of action for you seems like a big achievement at the time, doesn’t it? But guess what? In reality it is equivalent to merely getting information about the subject you are interested in. Does that aspiring CA student become a CA by his research? Of course not. The whole point of taking this example was to explain that getting information is that stage where there are no tangible results. You are merely feeding your brain information or data that excites you the most. In hindsight, it is basically still being in your comfort zone and not accepting fresh challenges. And in turn, you shall not derive anything new at all! To sum it up:-
  2. LEARNING – This seems like a step-up from merely “getting information” and shows one’s extra effort in actually taking a proactive step towards his goals. But this step too has its limitations. When you learn something it is merely in theory and not in practice. Let’s take a generic example. If you were to today merely learn how to operate a computer will you actually be able to operate it in reality? Learning unfortunately is only compartmentalized into theoretical knowledge (or information) that you are proactively feeding yourself, hoping it shall help you whilst actually dealing with a real life problem. But this theoretical knowledge fails you very easily. The ups and downs of real life are not taken into consideration while you are learning, which makes the whole process quite half-hearted and inconsequential. To sum it up:-
  3. TRAINING – So how is training different from the above two? Training is teaching which provides knowledge in theory as well as in practice. It not only provides knowledge but also builds an overall environment for you to be able to apply the same in real time. Thus, the difficulties that one faces in the above two shall not be faced in this stage. Again, if we were to take the example of an aspiring CA student. A mere student becomes a CA not when he tries to get information about the course or even when he is actively learning about the subjects with respect to the exams he is expected to clear – but he becomes a CA when he is actually learning at the stage of internship by actually putting all the knowledge to test and dealing with actual problems that a CA faces while carrying out his duties. This is what training is. It takes the best aspects of the above two and moulds it into something that you shall be able to apply and derive actual positive results from. We all know how people talk about having talent, hard-work as well as a certain X-factor in order to reach the heights of success. Training provides you with all three in a well-endowed manner in order to prep you up for amazing outcomes which you shall create on your own! To sum it all up:-



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